Mobile CSP

AP Computer Science Principles
Endorsed by the College Board

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What teachers say about Mobile CSP

  • My Experience as a Mobile CSP Educator

    Overall, I really like the course. It is well organized and contains a variety of activities. It has also freed up a lot of my time usually spent on designing activities to focus more on implementing them and assisting students...I also felt that it provided more activities than may have been required by the AP exam, thereby providing a more enriching experience for students.

    Scott Feinstein
    Montclair, NJ
  • Inspiring students to pursue careers and futures in working with computer science.

    This course has ignited a fire in students and changed the culture of the classroom. Students are excited to come to class every day and create an app that is theirs.

    Abigail Cooksey
    Shiprock High School
  • Teamwork approach encourages students to succeed

    Mobile CSP has shown that if you can just get kids excited about something that passion leads to wanting to know more.

    Brad Haugen
    Fairmont Junior/Senior High School
  • Teaching this course has lit a fire in me again.

    This course has also helped me develop helpful and useful tactics to improve my overall teaching.

    Cindy Moshman-Southworth
    Patchogue-Medford High School
  • Mobile CSP students create operations certification training app now used by company

    My CSP students have never asked, “How will we use this stuff in real life.”

    David Deutsch
    Montgomery Bell Academy
  • Discuss Soft Skills and Current Events

    "As a former Engineer turned computer science teacher, Mobile CSP was a pleasant way to introduce Computational Thinking to my 9th through 12th grade students. Mobile CSP provides opportunities to discuss the soft skills and basic skills which UX and UI Designers, Electronic Musicians, Computational Linguists, etc, use. Students were more attentive to current events, such as Election hacking, autonomous vehicles from Tesla, General Motors, Many students were ready to attempt to program in text from their exposure to block based coding. "
    Victor Villavicencio
    NYOS Charter School in Austin, TX
  • Consistent and Easy to Navigate

    "My students respond well to the consistency of the Mobile CSP course. Each day they come in, log on to the Student Branch, and are prepared for the lesson without prompting from me. I believe that this consistency and predictability is critical in teaching an Advanced Placement course. Students have enough content to learn and by not having to struggle navigating the curriculum, more time can be spent on the content."
    Lukas Gill
    Holland Central Schools in Holland, NY
  • For All Students

    "Mobile CSP is the first course I've taught that has truly made me EXCITED to teach every day. Mobile CSP sets me up with the resources that I need to make my classroom fun and interesting for all types of students."
    Rachel Martinich
    New Canaan High School in New Canaan, CT
  • Becoming a Better Teacher

    "I picked up some terrific teaching tips from my colleagues! The support provided by our mentor teacher was incredible. I strongly recommend Mobile CSP to any teacher interested in becoming a better teacher."
    Catherine Wyman
    Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, AZ
  • Project-Based

    "Mobile CSP has given me an order and structure to my curriculum. With Mobile CSP I am able to include vetted project-based content with a variety of supports for learners of all levels."
    Christopher Kerr
    Newington High School in Newington, CT