Mobile CSP

AP Computer Science Principles
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Discuss Soft Skills and Current Events

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Victor's story: 
As a former Engineer turned computer science teacher, mobile CSP was a pleasant way to introduce Computational Thinking to my 9th through 12th grade students. The students and I realized there are different skills set, which are not only programming, which technology companies, require of future employees. Mobile CSP provides opportunities to discuss the soft skills and basic skills which UX and UI Designers, Electronic Musicians, Computational Linguists, etc, use. Students were grouped in POGIL teams of 3 or 2 to apply these skills. 

I teach four different middle school through high school classes. The Mobile CSP curriculum was helpful to discuss other content such as psychology of thinking ( pathological, boolean logic, psychological), war-time History (ex. Caesar Cipher, vigenere cipher), and World Culture biases of color in User Interface Design. Compared to the other classes, these students were more attentive to current events, such as Election hacking, autonomous vehicles from Tesla, General Motors, 

Because the success of many units in this course, I hope to modify some of these units for next year’s technology applications class. Many students were ready to attempt to program in text from their exposure to block based coding.
NYOS Charter School in Austin, TX
Victor Villavicencio