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AP Computer Science Principles
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Teamwork approach encourages students to succeed

*Notes and responses were taken from phone conversation with Mobile CSP*

How many students are you currently teaching?



What strategies have you implemented that have been well received by students?

Students are excited about project based learning. They enjoy the freedom to go out and try what their learning in class on their own. They’ve enjoyed the challenge of not just finding an answer but also being able to go through the programming steps and learn how to do things differently.


What tips would you give other educators who are using the Mobile CSP curriculum?

It’s important to learn how to make mistakes in front of students and that you learn how to work through problems with students. It’s ok if you’re not a master in computer science. This course isn’t about knowing everything. In my class, we take a teamwork approach where I let students know that I don’t have all the answers, that it’s ok to make mistakes and learn.


How has Mobile CSP changed how you think or feel about teaching?

Mobile CSP has shown that if you can just get kids excited about something that passion leads to wanting to know more. The word of mouth among the students is amazing. They have really done a great job of promoting the course because they’re excited about it. After the AP exam we are going to get so TI rovers that we will use to show other students the capabilities of this course. Students are really enjoying seeing their creations come to life through their phones in ways that they can share with others.

Fairmont Junior/Senior High School
Brad Haugen