Mobile CSP

Mobile CSP

An AP Computer Science Principles Course Endorsed by the College Board

What is Mobile CSP?

Mobile CSP is an AP Computer Science Principles course that focuses on mobile computing:  
  • Build socially useful mobile apps
  • Project-based focus
  • Emphasis on writing & communication
  • Fosters collaboration & creativity

As of Fall 2017, Mobile CSP is being taught in 400+ schools in 42 states across the country, including over 100 schools in Connecticut and Massachusetts with teacher professional development (PD) in the summer and academic year support.

How Do I Join?

Follow these five steps to become a part of the Mobile CSP community and the CSforAll movement! (Click the buttons for more information.)

Step 1: Sign Up

Step 2: Add the Course

Step 3: Recruit Students

Step 4: Participate in PD

Step 5: Teach the course